Video Category: Yoga

  • Yoga Hip Opener

    Yoga Hip Opener

    Hip opener yoga practice. Releasing tension and emotion stored in the hips and getting more freedom and flexibility in the…
  • Yoga Opening Up

    Yoga Opening Up

    Opening up practice through chest shoulders abdomen and back and lengthening the spine.
  • Yoga Full Body Release

    Yoga Full Body Release

    This practice is energising but releasing at the same time. A beautiful combination of mindful movement that will leave you…
  • Hatha Flow Samii Style

    Hatha Flow Samii Style

    Enjoy a beautiful hatha flow with Samii
  • Restorative Yoga With Samii

    Restorative Yoga with Samii

    Rest rejuvenate and restore! Take your time to release yourself into each pose in this blissful practice. All our members…
  • Vin Yin Yoga With Marilyn

    Vin Yin Yoga with Marilyn

    Take care of yourself first by taking the time for yourself as you practise conscious breathing, intentional movement and restorative…
  • Yogalates


    I love combining my favourite practices of yoga and pilates. Indulge in this nourishing practice with a little bit of…
  • Strong Yoga

    Strong Yoga

    Strengthen and tone your entire body while releasing and opening your body with this strong yoga practice.