Video Category: Pilates

  • Pilates Upper Body

    Pilates Upper Body

    You will love this quick 30 min practice focusing on strengthening and toning your upper body.
  • Pilates Thighs

    Pilates Thighs

    Enjoy this quick 30 min pilates practice focusing on the thighs, particularly inner thighs. Everyone loves targeting the inner seam…
  • Pilates Lots Of Legs

    Pilates Lots of Legs

    Who doesn't love a good lower body leg and booty practice? Finishing with some abs to give you a strong…
  • Pilates Core Focus

    Pilates Core Focus

    We love focusing and strengthening the centre of the body. You can adapt this practice to your level whether beginner…
  • Pilates Full Body Toning

    Pilates Full Body Toning

    Enjoy strengthening and toning your entire body with this pilates practice.
  • Pilates Leg Day

    Pilates Leg Day

    Who doesn't love a good leg day Pilates Style!
  • Pilates Entire Body Strength

    Pilates Entire Body Strength

    Strengthen your entire body from top to bottom with this gentle but effective pilates practice. Feel free to add some…
  • Pilates Ab Blast

    Pilates Ab Blast

    Fire up your abs with this 30 min core burn! In class abs is always a fav! We will target…
  • Yogalates2


    Yogalates is a beautiful fusion of yoga and pilates. Building strength while releasing the body for the perfect practice.
  • Pilates Lower Booty And Legs

    Pilates Lower Booty & Legs

    Enjoy a strong lower body focused practice today while flowing with balance and stability also strengthening the core and stabilising…