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Tuning into My Inner Google: A Journey of Trusting My Intuition

Earthy Angels Yoga - 008

I am my own personal ‘google’.

You know what I’ve discovered…. I am my own personal google! This just came to me on my morning walk.

I’m walking and pondering something and I ask this question in my head ‘What else has been holding me back? What other layer do I need to strip away for me to level up, manifest and create more of what I want. Help me understand more about quantum physics to step more into my power’.

Then boom….instant download. It’s like the voice of my Opa pops in my head and talks to me. Plus I get random visions which help me comprehend.

Sometimes these answers show up in an instant download like that. Other times (immediately or later) I get ideas, inspirations, hear something from someone in a conversation, see a sign, hear a song that give me some form of clarity or answer or guidance or kick up the butt!!!

Last week I noticed 3x that kookaburras come into my awareness and were hanging around. I thought to myself ‘whats the significance’ and I got a download of intuitive thoughts. I still immediately pulled out my phone and googled ‘spiritual meaning of kookaburra’ and google gave me the same info my intuition already had!! This happened to me twice more since and I finally realised….

Instead of searching everything on google, I just need to ASK and TRUST my intuition/spirit/source/Gold/universe/my higher self, my own inner resources. It’s been giving me answers anyway and I don’t need to look outsdie myself for clarification and reassurance.

My intuition gives me answers which are SPECIFIC TO ME and my secret desires.


Question is
1. Do you notice it and are awake enough to pay attention?
2. Do you listen, follow it and act on it?

It works! My www is my connection to world wide spirit!

  • The key is tuning in being awake and listening
  • To tune within more we have to disconnect more
  • Our intuition is like a muscle that needs to be built
  • It’s like the consistency of turning up to class 3x wk

Like when you set a goal that you want to lose 5kg, you can’t sit on your butt do nothing and stay in your old habits that aren’t working and expect results… have to make some changes and do some consistent habits like walking, exercise and clean eating.

Strengthening your spiritual muscle is the same!

You can’t stay in your old habits and ways and just wish you were more intuitive, knew yourself deeper and could manifest your desires more effortlessly……You have to change your habits and incorporate some consistent rituals that will empower you.

You need to:

  • Disconnecting from tv, socials and technology more
  • Get off the alcohol, sugar and toxic foods which block and reduce your self connection
  • Get rid of distractions you use as a way of drowning/hiding/numbing/ yourself
  • Make a decision you’ve had enough and are ready to make changes!!


  • Get out in nature more tech free and be present
  • Do more yoga and mindful movement
  • Use oracle cards
  • Ask yourself questions instead of seeking answers from everyone else
  • Practice meditation
  • Practice daily gratitude
  • Do more breath work
  • Do more creative expression of what you love like dance, art, music, gardening
  • Journal your thoughts, feelings, dreams, desires
  • Decide to show up more mindfully in everything you do
  • Look at the world and yourself through the eyes of love and compassion

Heighten and strengthen your spidey spiritual senses.
Not just when you feel like it….but consistently!
it gets stronger with practice.

You will start to notice more signs and get more intuitive hunches and knowing’s. You’ll learn to trust yourself more and know what you need more effortlessly.

We as humans rely on everything outside of ourselves instead of going within first and this needs to change.

I know that….
I am more intuitively resourceful than I think
I am more connected than I know
I am more powerful than I believe

You are too, Lisa x

Lisa Everding
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