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Start Before You’re Ready: Unleashing the Power of Yoga and Pilates in Your Life

Earthy Angels Yoga - 033

Struggling to get started?

Have you been thinking about trying or coming back to yoga and pilates?

Do you find yourself saying….

I’ll wait until Spring

No I’ll wait until after school holidays

Actually it’s not a good time

I’m just too busy

Maybe I’m not ready

It’s never a matter of how ready you are, it’s a matter of how committed you are. Not committed to the classes….but COMMITTED TO YOU!

Being ready is an illusion, when have you ever known that you are ready to do anything!

If you’re waiting until you are ready, then how long are you going to wait?

You’ll just find another reason, another excuse not to do it because doing something new and unfamiliar is hard.

If nothing changes then nothing changes!

You’ll still be finding more excuses in 12 months time.

I have suffered from procrastination big time ha ha!!

If I’ve learnt anything you just have to take action regardless how ready you are. It always works out.

  • What if you love it?
  • What if it actually gives you more energy?
  • What if you it buys you back more time?
  • What if it leads you to feeling the best you’ve ever felt?
  • What if it inspires you to get more out of life for you and your family?

You won’t know until you turn up.

That’s all you need to do….SIMPLY TURN UP AND START

The rest will fall into place.

Lisa Everding
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