Lisa Everding

Prioritise Yourself: The Secret to Achieving Real Results

Lisa Everding

Do you want results?

I was having a chat with one of my girls about how a lot of women, after having their kids lose who they are as an individual and don’t take time to look after themselves. Life’s busy and they feel guilty.

She said I’m learning that you have to ‘do the work’ on yourself to grow and become a stronger more capable confident woman.

She points to me and said ‘you don’t look like that in your 40s by doing nothing’.

I said you’re absolutely right!

  • I get up early when sometimes I don’t want to
  • I do my food prep when I’d rather sit on the couch relaxing
  • I move my body when sometimes I don’t feel like it
  • I read a book when sometimes I want to throw my brain at the tv
  • I go for a walk when it’s too hot or cold outside
  • I’ll do a 15 min meditation when I’m busy and have other more pressing things to do
  • I’ll do some self care even if I know there a chores to do

That’s because I know it might be an effort in the moment, but I know I will feel amazing after.

I know the results I want so I do what’s REQUIRED!

The results I’m talking are not just physical. Yes I want to be healthy, strong, confident but calm, balanced, connected, positive, fulfilled, have energy for my family, BE HAPPY and so much more!

If you want a different result or are unhappy with where you are in any area of your life then you need to DO THE WORK.

If you value the result and know the outcome you want, you’ll start to prioritize time and effort into taking action.

But the process (work) will make you stronger, happier and more fulfilled in the process.

Then guess what? After time it doesn’t feel like work, you start to crave it! You start to fall in love with how it makes you feel!

It’s worth it!
You’re worth it!
Lisa x

Lisa Everding
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