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Know Your Worth. Time to Rise Up!

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Do you ever feel like you underestimate your value. Don’t realise your full worth or what you offer. Compare yourself to others and feel inadequate. Feel like you’re not good enough!

We all do at times, no matter how confident we appear, we all go through moments or periods or possibly years of self doubt and hold ourselves back from reaching our full potential.

I had this realisation massively recently!

My husband has always been my biggest rock, supporter, cheerleader and pushing me to step up and take massive action on my ideas I share with him. He has more belief and confidence in me than I do in myself. 

He said I just don’t know why you hold yourself back and what you’re waiting for. You’re procrastinating…just fucking do it! It doesn’t have to be perfect just get it out there! You don’t need any more courses, study or knowledge at the moment, you just need to take action now and make it happen!

I was like ok I needed to hear that!

He’s right. I’m obsessed with growth and bettering myself. For myself, my loved ones and my community. I have invested easily 6 figures and 15 years into courses, teacher trainings, workshops, events, seminars, business coaching, spiritual coaching, spiritual/energy healings, books, content, study, podcasts and more.

Not to mention my years of life experience raising 2 young adults, a wonderful marriage of 23 years to my high school sweetheart, running 3 successful businesses between us, loads of worldly travel, coaching women, turned my passion into my work which I love, maintained a fit, healthy nourished body and love who I am and what I offer. I always manifest money, desires and abundance and overall life flows easily and effortlessly for me.

Most importantly I’m living in alignment with my authentic self, love my life, our lifestyle and feel happy and fulfilled.

So clearly I’m doing some of the right things and have loads of wisdom and experience to share….but I would still worry I wasn’t good enough yet, who would follow me and I’d look at other women doing great things and feel I need to ‘become better’ before I put myself out there whole heartedly.

Can you relate to holding yourself back because you feel you’re not where you need to be yet?

Well it hit me big time recently and I thought no more!

I’m fucking great at what I do!

I’ve had to progressively come to my own realisation that I have so much to offer the world. Even after the years of testimonials and feedback from women that I’ve inspired, changed their life, helped them heal, been their catalyst for transformation and had women say ‘I could listen to you all day’. 

It hit me just a few days ago when someone inspired by my explant journey and had her implants removed said ‘You have truly been a rock for me, my little angel in disguise’. I cried and thought omg yes I have and now I’m going to own it and acknowledge my worth and service to helping others. 

My authenticity, openness and vulnerability is appreciated and lifting women up around me. I need to be a shining light out in the world for even more women.

I’m not beating myself up about my past fears, doubts and procrastination because I do believe in divine timing. I believe the period of inner work and transformation (for me on many levels recently getting my breast implants of 12 years out) has been necessary. Almost like an apprenticeship ready for me to step into my power and the spotlight now.

There are big shifts happening in the collective with people at the moment too. People are moving and shaking. Many are literally moving homes, towns, getting our of toxic or unfulfilling relationships, changing jobs, feeling restless like they’re ready for more. People are awakening and removing their mask. Some have a secret burning desire for change and transformation and as a result are feeling disconnected, frustrated and unhappy because they are not living in alignment with who they truly are. This is your sign to be yourself unapologetically! 

What about you? Do you feel change is on your doorstep. You’re ready to level up and transform. Out with the old to create space to bring in new desires, dreams and goals.

Use this spring energy of rebirth, planting seeds, creativity, setting intentions, birthing new ideas and taking aligned action.

  • Instead of looking at how far you have to go, look back at how far you’ve come over the past few months or years. Be proud of what you’ve achieved and how you’ve grown. Trust in divine timing and that everything will unfold for you the way it’s meant to.
  • Let go of the pressure of time, dates and looking into the future. Instead embody the present moment and what you can do right now. You build your future in the present!
  • Stop comparing yourself to others or social media and start showing up authentically you.
  • Like my husband says ‘stop procrastinating and just fucking do it’ ha ha. Don’t wait until everything is perfect. You evolve and improve with tweaks and adjustments of what you put out there from feedback, observation and reflection. If you wait for perfection you will wait forever.
  • On that note….if you wait for motivation you’ll wait for ever! Just take action and more motivation will come.
  • Get clear on your vision, your why, your desires, your values and what lights you up.
  • Stop wasting time and energy on habits, people, pretending and distractions that don’t serve or add value to you. Spring clean the crap out of your life.
  • Be authentic. Show yourself as who you truly are to give others permission to do the same. Stand in your power, be proud and be the shining light to empower others.
  • Be the generational change and lead by example for your loved ones!

Seriously what’s the worst that can happen??? Someone might not like it or say something negative. Who cares! Will you die…..umm no! That only says something about them and their fears or insecurities, not you!

No more holding back. It’s time we rise up, stand in our power, live authentically and acknowledge our worth.

Be proud and say ‘This is who I am and she’s amazing. I love her! I have so much to offer the world’.

Because you truly do. It’s time you see it!

Lisa Everding
Earthy Angels Yoga 057

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