Our mornings start with peace, introspection and practice. Followed by a mouthwatering home made brekkie from our staff. We will then have some day activities which will be a mix of self care, experiences, culture and some free time. Every day is unique!

You take out of this trip what you need for you and that will be different for everyone. The group activities are all optional, but I know what surprises I have in store and you will want to experience the exploration and traditional balinese culture they offer.

Along with the yoga, inner practices, healing and clearing, my intention for our retreat is also for self discovery, growth, confidence, fun, joy and adventure. I want you to unleash your inner wild woman and truly discover your authentic self. I want you to have a life changing experience and discover some magical places in Ubud, the spiritual heart of Bali, has to offer.

Connection to spirit and to your authentic self is found in the adventure, freedom, exploration, curiosity and joyful moments in life. We get to play in this energy away from routine and commitments. Here you will have the space to truly be yourself and do what you love and probably don’t make time for in your busy demanding life.