Yes! I know how important that is for the soul. I have plenty of free time allowed for you. You may wish to lay by the pool, read a book, rest, shop, sight see, explore, indulge in extra pampering. I can arrange for therapists to come to our on site villa spa (this is an additional cost to the 1 free on site massage included).

You may wish to take time on your own or head out with your beautiful new friends. Our staff will answer any questions you have and help organise any arrangements for transport or trips exploring.

We have plenty of free nights and some opt for an early night in and catch up on restoration on their own and some choose to head into Ubud together for some divine restaurant experiences. I know plenty of amazing cafes and restaurants to tantalise your taste buds. Ubud is know for its healthy clean mouth watering foods and is not expensive.

Like I say take out of this retreat what YOU NEED! This is your retreat! Best part is you don’t need to decide now. Just feel into exactly what you need when you’re there. Your soul will tell you.