To learn to fall in love with taking care of you and truly live an abundant life. To show you that you have the power to live a life and have a body BY DESIGN.

My philosophy is growth and evolution over a lifetime.

I am humble enough to know that I will never know everything and can always learn, grow and improve my life on all levels. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. So can you!

Sometimes we fall out of balance in certain areas of our lives and need inspiration, support and guidance to get back on track. This BMS program will help you in different area’s of your life and you take out of it exactly what you need.

Happiness and confidence comes from knowing who you are, what you want, doing what lights you up and being your authentic self. But sometimes we don’t know what those things are so we will help you uncover that.

Results come from the inside and doing the inner work always! But you can’t feel completely fulfilled if you neglect or are unhappy and unhealthy in your body. It’s a must that you move your body and nourish your body with clean life giving foods and water. Your physical body and the inner work goes hand in hand and both are required for you to feel incredible.

I have fallen in love with yoga, pilates and barre as it’s holistic movement and so in line with my core values and growth! Movement in unison with your body, mind, soul and breath. Plus it’s fun, challenging, rewarding, tones and strengthens your body and leaves you feeling energised, not depleted.

This 8 week BMS program will take you through all of this and more!