Obviously yoga, pilates, barre and meditation because it’s incredible! You don’t have to do all of it, you choose what classes you would like but I highly recommend you give them all a go.

Clean eating, detoxing the crap. For you to feel amazing you absolutely must fuel and nourish your body. But don’t worry I believe in balance.

Inner work which is the most important for any results. Mindset and soul practices. I’ll guide you through different habits, practices and tools.

A one step at a time approach. it’s unrealistic to expect to be able to radically overhaul everything at once as much as we would like to. So every week we will have a different intention/theme/focus and habits we will be working through.

Your results come from your daily habits and routines. They compound over time to form your week, your year, your life and I will introduce you to some powerful habits that have helped myself and many of my clients and community.

After my last BMS By Design program my clients didn’t want to stop and asked for more!