Everybody will be at different stages and need different things from this 8 week program. There is no right or wrong and you will all have different desires, goals or outcomes your wanting and that’s perfect. The intention is for you to take out of it exactly what you need which I will guide you through. You will not be expected to do what everyone else does. THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU!

So it’s hard for me to give everyone a number of classes to attend. An average of 3-5 is great.

The other question I get asked is do I do pilates or yoga?

I would recommend trying them both and again it depends on your goals, which I can discuss with you. It may also vary from week to week pending on how you’re feeling and what you’re going through. Example when you’re on your period or are incredibly fatigued, you may prefer more gentle movement.

I will always encourage everyone to include at least 1 yoga class a week no matter what they are working towards. Restorative yoga is heaven also and the perfect recovery and reset at the end of every week. I also encourage walking, preferably daily, but minimum 4x a week.