*Note: Program being updated for 2023 and will be deliverable in an online members portal and anyone non local can join us*

All you need is access to a computer. The program is delivered in a private facebook group where I share daily coaching posts and video’s with you. Plus I’ll chat with you daily in the group. 

Each week we will have a theme/habit that we’re working on. Each day I will post and share with you. We will also be coming to the studio for your classes where I’ll connect with you (or practicing on the earthy angels online if you choose to do the at home option, but don’t worry I’ll still connect with you).

I encourage you to share in the group to offer insight, motivation and inspiration to each one of our beautiful women. But if you wish to sit back and take it all in without sharing, that’s ok too.

This is your program and I encourage you to take from it what you need.

Once you have registered for the program email me lisa@earthyangels and I will send you a link to our private facebook group.