We will aim to book the same flights so we can all transfer together on arranged transfers in Bali.

I understand that flight prices will vary pending on when you book the retreat and flight prices at the time when you’re ready to book them (hence why flights are not included).

Other variables are frequent flyers points and some people choose to extend their trip before or after retreat. If that is the case and you’re not transferring in Bali to/from the airport with our arranged group transfers, then transfers will be at your own expense.

We fly direct from Brisbane to Bali which is approximately 6 hours.

Our Villa is in Ubud which is approximately one hour pending traffic from Denpasar airport.

Once you book your spot we will send you a link to the Retreat’s Private Facebook Group for that particular group of attendees. In that group we will share updates, flight details, what to bring, answer questions and you can connect with the other girls and get to know one another before retreat.