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Every woman needs to read this….

Lisa Everding

I downloaded this on my walk this morning and felt called to share with my community. I often get intuitive downloads that I feel called to write. Often they come to me when I’m disconnected from the busyness of daily life routines and connected with the present moment, nature or after meditation. I don’t question, I just follow that little nudge to pull my phone out and write whatever thoughts flood my awareness.

I write immediately as it’s shown to me, otherwise the words will leave my awareness never to be captured in that divine way again. 

I was on my morning nature walk and the words started pouring in. I pulled out my phone and captured them fast enough, while I’m walking, to make way for the next sentence that was rolling in. I found a beautiful clearing and sat down and let the words flow into my notes. Once I felt I was done I paused for a moment of gratitude to the divine for sharing this healing insight with me. I stood up and continued on my walk and looked up to the sky in immense joy for this beautiful moment to be alive. Feeling the sensations of the suns morning rays on my face I tilted my head back with a feeling of ahhhh!

As I looked up I saw 2 eagles circling overhead in the depth of the clear blue sky. I smiled and said thankyou again to the universal support as the eagle is one of my signs from the universe. A sign I am guided, protected and my inspired action is aligned.

To give you some background at the time of writing this I am 4 weeks post op after having my breast implants removed. That whole journey is a blog for another day!

I have taken 6 weeks off teaching and feel like I’m on a winter hibernation sabbatical. Reclused from the world and loving it! Loving this time for peace, healing and introspection. I feel grateful for what this surgery and sabbatical has given me and let me share this download with you….

It wasn’t just the implants that were removed

It wasn’t just my body that was dissected

I feel like I pulled my whole self apart piece by piece and have put me back together again

To a place of wholeness authenticity purity 

Along with the implants I released 

Toxic habits, toxic behaviours, toxic way of thinking, toxic attitude towards myself 

I feel the freedom of release of judgement towards myself

I feel the light that encompasses my body

I feel the love of acceptance for my body 

I feel the gratitude I have for myself 

I feel the expansiveness of my breath

I embrace my authenticity

I embrace my scars for they are symbolic of a journey experienced and my life transitions

My c-section scars symbolic of my journey from maiden to mother

My new scars close to my heart symbolic of my journey from mother to the wise matriarch 

I am building my new self, my new identity from a newfound perspective

One of complete surrender to acceptance 

From an inner peace I’ve never previously experienced

I look at myself through a new lens

Through eyes of radical self acceptance

That I am whole and complete exactly as I am in this moment

I look back with gratitude for my courage to make the decision to remove my implants

I look back with gratitude for my younger self for getting them for the growth and expansion it awakened me to

For now on reflection I realise the surgery and physical healing was only a minor necessity

The true surgery and purpose was energetic

For my deeper spiritual awakening and return to authenticity

A healing transformation required on every level

For I was already whole, already complete as the little girl I was 40 years ago

I had to release with my implants the years of layers of human ego, opinions, societies conditioning  and false beliefs I’d wrapped myself up in

Stripping me back to a place of vulnerability and rawness to see myself through the eyes of a child, the eyes of the divine

Pure love and wholeness 

Exactly as I am in this moment, the now, the only time that actually exists

I am a beautiful radiant energy

I am light 

I am love

I am complete

I now see her and I love her more than I ever have before

Thankyou x 

Lisa Everding
Earthy Angels Yoga 057

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