Mum Guilt

Embracing Self-Care: A Mum’s Guide to Overcoming Guilt and Prioritising Herself

I was chatting with one of my girls after yoga. She shared with me that the whole time she was laying in class she was feeling incredibly guilty.

Her youngest started prep and the kids are all in school now. So how dare she do something for herself during the day!

I should be doing something else, I should be productive, I should be doing chores.

I feel like I’m doing the wrong thing doing something for me while my kids are in school and my husband is at work. I’m so used to being there for them constantly. That’s my role, that’s what I’m used to, so how dare I lay here and try and do something for me? How can I enjoy this class when my mind is constantly making me feel bad and guilty for being here?

Can you relate?

But let me ask you this.

You feel like you should be doing chores or being busy during ‘work hours’ because maybe that’s what you’re used to or maybe your partner is at work during those times or maybe because that’s what other mums or your friends are doing.

But what about the times you’re….

  • Up in the middle of the night you’re up with your kids
  • Cleaning or doing chores when other people may be on the couch of an evening
  • Up early morning prepping for your families day ahead with lunches and uniforms
  • Doing homework of an evening
  • Running the kids to late arv and weekend sports, trainings or activities
  • Waiting to pick your teens up from work at 9pm
  • Doing online groceries late at night
  • Working of a night so you can be there for your kids during the day

So what if you’re….

  • In a class while the kids are at school and others are at work
  • Catching up on a midday nap
  • Indulging in some self care
  • Taking care of your health and fitness
  • Out to lunch with friends
  • Journaling, meditating or reading in the middle of the day

We are conditioned by our limiting beliefs of workday hours, what other people will think and feeling guilty of what we SHOULD be doing.

Every mum goes through these feelings. Every stage with children has it’s adjustments. But remember everyones lives, routines and experiences are different.

You don’t have to be doing anything other than what aligns for you and your family!

Give yourself grace to do what you need and if you’re going to take time to do something for you, make the most of it and ENJOY IT!

So take care of you girls. Guilt free!

Give yourself what you need because when you fill your cup up you have more to give those around you.

Besides you’re a happier mum and partner to be around when you’re needs are met and you’re not running on exhaustion and self neglect. You have more energy to keep up with your kids. You’re also leading by example and showing your kids the value in taking care of yourself and your needs so they grow up taking care of themselves 

Lisa Everding
Earthy Angels Yoga 057

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