Women Meditating In Circle

Do I have to Share in the Women’s Circle?

Women meditating in circle

Do I have to share in women’s circle?

Absolutely not!

Many women are curious about coming, but then get anxious that they have to share their stuff.

I want to assure you right now that you take out of circle what YOU need. Some women like to share and others feel comfortable to sit back and take it all in.

You do what’s right for you!

It’s not like we go around the circle saying ‘so what issues do you need to work on?’
It’s not a session to just sit there and listen to everyone’s stuff.
You don’t have to have anything wrong, a problem or issue to come and sit in circle.

You can simply come to better yourself!

We equip you with tools, rituals, motivation, perspective and mindset shifts to help you….

  • Become inspired
  • Heighten your intuition
  • Clear blocks and beliefs that are holding you back
  • Give you clarity on who you are and what you want
  • Heal trauma you’ve been carrying
  • Inspiration and motivation to set and achieve goals
  • Become a better person
  • Learn to fall in love with taking care of you
  • Deepen your connection with your soul

Raising our vibration and improving our lives collectively!

My goal is to give you….

  • A safe space to do your inner work
  • Connection with likeminded women and have fun
  • Wisdom, ideas hearing from other women you relate to
  • A safe space to speak your authentic truth
  • Help you release what’s holding you with self discovery
  • The courage, confidence to be your authentic self
  • Love on the beautiful woman that you are

Here are just some results women have shared since attending circle….

  • I’ve left a toxic relationship
  • Inspiration to start my business
  • Help me to set boundaries and stop people pleasing
  • Fall in love with journaling and manifesting and it works
  • Teach me to care for my body finally
  • Courage to change my career path and do what I love
  • Helped me be a better mother and more patience
  • Heal broken relationships with my adult kids
  • Let go of resentment from past hurt and feel free

If you’re curious and have a gut feeling you’re interested, listen to your intuition and just come with an open mind.
See you there, Lisa x

Lisa Everding
Earthy Angels Yoga 057

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