Womens Circle

Reconnect with your divine feminine power and connect with likeminded women

What are the benefits of Womens Circle?

"Every Woman deserves love, self love, joy and to let her authentic self shine bright into the world."

Lisa Everding, Earthy Angels

Womens Circle

Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time. The circle is the oldest form of social interaction for connection and belonging. Modern day conveniences fast paced society and online platforms have diminished the frequency of face to face community connection and support.

Every circle is different. Some women come to socialise, others come to process deep emotional wounds and some come to hold space for their sisters in their community. Everyone is equal. There is no judgement.

Many women suffer in silence from depression, loneliness and anxiety. They feel they are unable to express what is truly going on in their lives or like no one understands what they are experiencing. Circle’s are deeply transformative and open up a whole new community of loving and conscious women. We come together as strangers and leave as sisters.

A women’s circle is a beautiful space to surround yourself with like minded women. A space where you can expand your conscious awareness, reconnect with your divine feminine power and discover yourself on a deeper spiritual level. If you have never been, we encourage you to come and try. It may just change your life.

What to expect in Circle

  • Sharing different topics weekly
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Clearing
  • Journaling
  • Angel Oracle Cards
  • Guidance and support
  • Crystal bowl sound baths
  • Beautiful ambient space
  • Tea and light snacks
  • Pillow or cushion journal pen water
  • Mats bolsters blankets provided. You may bring your own


Every month will be a different theme which is fun and exciting!! 

We will have guest speakers and different offerings. Price may fluctuate with workshop offerings.

Join the circle facebook group below for updates.

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August Circle

Do you know you have a superpower available to you which helps you navigate life with more ease & flow.

Do you realise it helps you make decisions that are in alignment for you and your highest good.

Wouldn’t you rather learn to work WITH your energy and intuitive senses if you knew they could help you in daily life, rather than go through life with blinkers on and reacting to everything thrown your way.

Well developed intuition can help you achieve greater success in love, career, health, finances, manifestation and fulfilment. You can become more aware of potential opportunities, how to harness them and highlight likely consequences of certain choices.

The biggest block most people have is:

  • The lack of trust in themselves and their abilities
  • Not understanding how important your intuition can be to help you
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Never really being shown growing up
  • We’re not taught about this stuff at school!

In this circle we will discuss:

  • Discover your natural psychic strengths 
  • Learn the tools to awaken your connection to your internal guidance system
  • How to strengthen & build faith in your intuitive ability
  • Raise your vibration to manifest your desires easier
  • Learn techniques to centre yourself
  • Signs & synchronicities
  • The importance of energetic protection & cleansing
  • Living with more wisdom, calm, confidence & clarity
  • Value the ways you nourish your soul to live your most fulfilling abundant aligned life!

Investment $45

𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭’𝐬 𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐝:

  • 2 hour workshop 
  • Support Guidebook
  • Guided Meditation
  • Light refreshments
  • Community, fun and connection


𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠:

Cushion, water bottle, pen, journal

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I feel so at home at this studio with the beautiful oils burning, the ambiance and the cleanliness of the studio and equipment. The teachers are so enthusiastic, caring and welcoming too, not to forget the friendly community feel, I just love being a member!


I am new to the women's circle and really enjoyed it last night, thank you for inviting me into the group.


Lisa has fostered a beautiful sense of community by organising monthly Women's Circles, employing friendly instructors, and taking the time to get to know each of her students personally. I always leave class feeling satisfied and refreshed - I couldn't recommend this lovely studio enough!


Earthy Angels has been the best experience for me since living in the area. The studio is not only a yoga and Pilates studio but a place I’ve been able to create friendships. Lisa the owner had such a beautiful heart and I feel so welcomed there. Everyone there is so nice! I enjoy doing their workshops and women’s circles. It’s a beautiful atmosphere. I would recommend it to anyone wanting more than a workout.


Earthy Angels is my happy place. It’s a peaceful and tranquil space where I pick my workout based on my mood. All the members are friendly and the teachers are knowledgeable and welcoming. There is the perfect balance of classes where you can work up a sweat or stretch and practice mindfulness and everything in between. The workshops and courses are life changing, I have learnt so much in the past year.


Earthy Angels studio is the most beautiful space flooded with natural filtered light. There is a wonderful mix of teachers and classes to attend. The atmosphere of this place is like nothing I’ve ever felt anywhere else. It’s warm and inviting, everyone who attends is so friendly and all credit to Lisa the owner for going above and beyond to make us all feel welcomed and loved just as we are. There are retreats and BMS challenges too. Honestly it was the best investment I’ve made in myself. Come join us on the mat soon!


I truly love earthy angels and the safe space you have created along with a community of beautiful women who encourage and support one another without judgement. It's truly phenomenal and I have not experienced that anywhere else. I am forever, grateful for the experience and to be a part of that community. Thank you for introducing me to a better life of self awareness and self care.


Our Pricing

  • Women's Circle Casual Pass

    Online booking required once pass is purchased

    $45Per Class
  • Frequently asked questions

    Got questions about our classes? We've got answers. If we haven't covered it, please contact us below.

    Contact us
    Do we need to share in women’s circle?

    Absolutely not! Many women are curious about coming, but then get anxious that they have to share their stuff.

    I want to assure you right now that you take out of circle what YOU need. Some women like to share and others feel comfortable to sit back and take it all in. You do what’s right for you!  Read our blog post about sharing in circle.

    Where do I park?

    We are required to use the street parking so we don’t upset other complex owners. Please allow enough time to park and wander up for your class. The 6am and 9:15am classes can get busy on the street. A little 5 min walk is a great way to get your legs warmed up ready for your class. Early morning main complex gates are closed until 6:30am. There is a little pedestrian gate to the very left of the left main gate/driveway.

    Where is the studio located?

    We are upstairs right next to and above F45. PARKING IS ON THE STREET so we don’t upset other complex owners. Please allow an extra 5 mins to grab a park and wander up….great warmup!! The street can sometimes get busy for 6am and 9:15am classes mon-fri.

    Early morning main complex gates are closed until 6:30am. There is a little pedestrian gate to the very left of the left main gate/driveway.

    What do I wear to class?

    Wear something comfortable, practical and has freedom for you to move in. Tights, stretchy pants, singlets, t-shirts or shorts are recommended. We are barefoot in the studio for our classes. Upstairs on your right near the bathroom there is shelving for your shoes and bag.

    Do I need to book in before coming to a class?

    It is recommended that you book to ensure you secure a place in class. Bookings can be made through our pricing page or on the Mind Body app. Please arrive 10 mins prior to class start time. If this is your first class please arrive 15 mins prior for your teacher to meet and find out a little about you and help you settle in. Once your mindbody account is set up it’s quick and easy to simply book into your classes or cancel if you can’t make it. Most people prefer the app for ease.

    Interested in some of our other classes?