Quiet the mind and the soul will speak

What are the benefits of Meditation?

"Our power to create our ideal life lies in our connection with self"

Lisa Everding, Earthy Angels


‘Meditation’ can describe both a practice and a state and derives from the Latin word meditari which means ‘to reflect upon.’

The goal of meditation isn’t to control your thoughts, it’s to stop letting them control you!

Meditation can be practiced in a variety of ways which can include: breath awareness, visualisation (creative imagination and visual objects), mantra (including music and natural sounds), physical sensations and inner feelings, affirmations, reflection, stillness and mindfulness.

These foundations allow for the space and clarity of your mind. With this clarity comes better decision making and a potential to view life differently.

Thursday’s 6:30pm

We live in a time where life is so fast paced and busy. We spend too much time in our heads and not enough time just being present. The beauty of meditation is you become more and more ‘you’.

With your mind quiet you often receive just the right information or ‘intuition’ you need in your life at that time.

The purpose of meditation brings you back to a calm, relaxed and peaceful state of mind which then will reflect into your outside world. This leads to a more balanced household and everyday life.

Come and discover the power in a weekly meditation ritual in a beautiful conducive space, away from the distractions of home.

Brilliant things happen in calm minds!


I feel so at home at this studio with the beautiful oils burning, the ambiance and the cleanliness of the studio and equipment. The teachers are so enthusiastic, caring and welcoming too, not to forget the friendly community feel, I just love being a member!


Lovely calming environment, dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable staff. I'm on my way to a new healthier me!


My life keeps on getting better since meeting you and your gorgeous studio. The gift that just keeps on giving!


Earthy Angels has been the best experience for me since living in the area. The studio is not only a yoga and Pilates studio but a place I’ve been able to create friendships. Lisa the owner had such a beautiful heart and I feel so welcomed there. Everyone there is so nice! I enjoy doing their workshops and women’s circles. It’s a beautiful atmosphere. I would recommend it to anyone wanting more than a workout.


Earthy Angels is my happy place. It’s a peaceful and tranquil space where I pick my workout based on my mood. All the members are friendly and the teachers are knowledgeable and welcoming. There is the perfect balance of classes where you can work up a sweat or stretch and practice mindfulness and everything in between. The workshops and courses are life changing, I have learnt so much in the past year.


Earthy Angels studio is the most beautiful space flooded with natural filtered light. There is a wonderful mix of teachers and classes to attend. The atmosphere of this place is like nothing I’ve ever felt anywhere else. It’s warm and inviting, everyone who attends is so friendly and all credit to Lisa the owner for going above and beyond to make us all feel welcomed and loved just as we are. There are retreats and BMS challenges too. Honestly it was the best investment I’ve made in myself. Come join us on the mat soon!


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    $25Per Class
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  • Frequently asked questions

    Got questions about our classes? We've got answers. If we haven't covered it, please contact us below.

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    Do I have to sit in a cross legged position?

    You can experiment with different postures. Some people like to sit while others prefer to lay down. One posture is not better than another. The important thing is to respect your body and do your meditation in a way that balances relaxation and alertness.

    What if I go to sleep?

    Just don’t snore! Just kidding!
    Falling asleep during meditation is very common and if it happens to you sometimes don’t be too concerned. When we are learning to meditate we are looking for a balance between focus and relaxation and, in that process of learning, it’s inevitable that from time to time we’ll drift a little too far in either direction, sometimes feeling too tense and at other times falling asleep. Learning how to apply the right amount of effort is a very subtle thing and requires practice. And of course, every day will be different.

    What do I bring and wear to meditation?

    Most importantly is an open mind!!!
    At the studio we have mats, blankets and yoga bolsters (larger cylinder cushions great for under your knees or to sit on), however you may prefer to bring your own mat and blanket.
    You may like to bring a pillow or small cushion for your head.
    Some people like to bring a journal to write down their insight or experience after their meditation.
    Wear something comfortable and casual, like tights or loose pants or shorts. In the cooler months don’t forget your socks.

    I don’t have time for meditation, I’m too busy?

    The majority of great entrepreneurs and successful people practice meditation. It’s where their creativity, focus and clarity comes from. With your mind quiet you often receive just the right information or ‘intuition’ you need in your life at that time. It comes to you in the way of a thought or an idea. If we’re constantly too busy we can miss out of some incredible insight and guidance! You could be pleasantly surprised by the potential you could tap into and how meditation enhances your productivity and growth.

    What if I can’t stop thinking?

    This is very common to see in meditation, it is natural and there is nothing wrong. Understand it’s not about stopping your thoughts altogether, this is not the purpose of meditation. Rather, we are learning to recognise when thinking is happening and become an observer of our thoughts. Don’t let it frustrate you. Meditation isn’t a contest. It’s not a race to see who gets to enlightenment. It’s a tool to help teach you become more centred and calm, more aware and present. Don’t worry we’ll guide you through in class.

    I’ve never done meditation before?

    I understand at first it can be a bit weird and you may be hesitant or have preconceived ideas. All I ask is that you come with an open mind. I will guide you through. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time or you’ve been practising for years, you will always benefit from bringing your body and mind back to a state of peace, calm and quiet.

    Where do I park?

    We are required to use the street parking so we don’t upset other complex owners. Please allow enough time to park and wander up for your class. The 6am and 9:15am classes can get busy on the street. A little 5 min walk is a great way to get your legs warmed up ready for your class. Early morning main complex gates are closed until 6:30am. There is a little pedestrian gate to the very left of the left main gate/driveway.

    Where is the studio located?

    We are upstairs right next to and above F45. PARKING IS ON THE STREET so we don’t upset other complex owners. Please allow an extra 5 mins to grab a park and wander up….great warmup!! The street can sometimes get busy for 6am and 9:15am classes mon-fri.

    Early morning main complex gates are closed until 6:30am. There is a little pedestrian gate to the very left of the left main gate/driveway.

    What is studio etiquette?

    Please be punctual and arrive 10 mins prior to class start to allow time to check in and set up your space. Leave your shoes in the shelving provided upstairs, to your right of the studio near the bathroom. Please turn your mobile phone off or on silent. Please respect other students and avoid talking during yoga class. Avoid leaving during relaxation/savasana, if you must quietly leave before savasana begins. Please spray and wipe your studio mat and place it and any equipment back neatly in the racks. Enjoy your class x

    How much are classes?

    We have a number of different options available above depending on your needs. Visit our pricing page to purchase. The most popular and cost effective option is the weekly membership for unlimited classes.

    Do I need to book in before coming to a class?

    It is recommended that you book to ensure you secure a place in class. Bookings can be made through our pricing page or on the Mind Body app. Please arrive 10 mins prior to class start time. If this is your first class please arrive 15 mins prior for your teacher to meet and find out a little about you and help you settle in. Once your mindbody account is set up it’s quick and easy to simply book into your classes or cancel if you can’t make it. Most people prefer the app for ease.

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