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12th-19th october 2024 - APPLICATIONS OPEN


When was the last time you took time out for you? Time to rest, recharge and restore your body, mind and soul! Escape with me to soulful Ubud for an unforgettable health, wellness and empowerment retreat experience. This gorgeous luxury villa in Ubud is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever stayed. Ubud is an energetically deep spiritual powerful place.

Indulging in yoga, meditation, mindfulness and soul practices. Nourishing your body with mouthwatering foods, pampering and self care. While also unleashing with some fun and adventure exploring all that Bali has to offer.

I only have space for 8 girls to journey with me.

Stepping away at times gives you an opportunity to:

  • Discover and get to know yourself on a deeper level
  • Gain clarity, self awareness and connection
  • Improve your confidence by doing something on your own
  • Unleash your inner wild woman
  • Nourish your body, mind and soul
  • Simply rest, relax, restore and replenish
  • Be pampered and spoilt
  • Find your joy and zest for life again

I have experienced first hand the transformation in every area of my life after disconnecting from work, people and daily routine and immersing myself in connection with my soul on retreat. My vision for earthy angels started on a retreat in this very villa!

My passion is to immerse you in a retreat for your soul connection and awakening!

Guide you to truly discover your authentic self, passions and purpose and help you release the blocks and limitations holding you back from fulfilling your inner most dreams and desires.

If your soul is calling you to indulge in a week long retreat in the beautiful, peaceful and soulful Ubud….listen to your higher self and make it happen!

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Yoga retreat student in Pool
Bali retreat group by the pool
This retreat is for the women who want to rediscover themselves through exploring self awareness, connection, spirituality, movement, freedom, fun and adventure!
  • For the mums who’ve raised their kids and don’t know who they are anymore outside of their role as a mum
  • For the mums who feel lost in themselves, overwhelmed, exhausted and are craving a break on their own
  • For the women who’ve gone through a relationship breakdown or are struggling in their relationship and need to rediscover their individual identity or purpose
  • For the women who’s inner wild woman is calling them to have some fun, exploration and adventure outside of their familiar routines
  • For the women who want to expand or change their business, career or passion and need space away from their busy lives for creativity and ideas to be birthed
  • For the women who feel they’re consumed by the daily rat race and want to awaken their spirituality and inner soul connection to self
  • For the women who feel there’s more to life than their current experience and need to return to authenticity

If you want change, growth, shifts and transformation…..

This retreat is for you. 

I’ve been through every one of these stages and it was a retreat in Bali that transformed my life and led me to where I am now. So I want to share this incredible experience with you.

Places fill up quickly with this first retreat sold out in under 2 weeks!

I literally cannot contain my excitement and cannot wait to share this divine nourishing experience with you.

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Bali Retreat

October 2024

What's included:

  • 7 nights luxury villa Ubud

  • Share accomodation in very spacious beautiful rooms with ensuite

  • Daily Yoga Breathwork Meditation

  • Self discovery and awakening practices

  • Traditional welcome banquet and closing dinner

  • Traditional purification ritual

  • Delicious daily clean nutritious breakfasts by villa chefs

  • Massage at the villa spa

  • Facial at a divine Ubud location

  • Sound healing immersion at a special unique location

  • Special planned day activities and transfers

  • Airport transfers

*Not included flights, travel insurance, remaining meals not mentioned*

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  • Cost of retreat $3100
  • To secure your place we require a $600 deposit
  • 5 further instalments of $500
  • Arrangements can be made for weekly payments for balance after deposit
  • Full payment required 2 months prior to retreat date
  • Retreat cost is for listed inclusions only
  • Not included is flights, travel insurance, travel related expenses and remaining meals not mentioned


  • Only 10 places available to ensure an intimate retreat and will be on a first in basis.
  • The first retreat sold out in 2 weeks, with 80% full after 5 days.
  • To book email
  • We will forward you a registration form which contains bank details. $600 deposit must be made to secure your spot.

Terms & Conditions

  • Deposit of $600 is required to secure your place in the Bali retreat.
  • Weekly or monthly instalments must be made by due dates.
  • Final and full payment for the Bali Retreat is due 2 months prior to retreat start date.
  • Bookings are non-transferable.
  • All cancellations are required in writing.  If a booking is cancelled the following reimbursement policy applies:
    • 6 months or prior to retreat date – your refund in full less $100.
    • Less than 6 months but more than 3 months prior to booked date – your refund in full less $600 deposit.
    • Under 3 months – any payments made will be forfeited (unless we can fill your spot and refund will be made less $600 deposit).

Where Are We Staying

The Villa in Bali is owned by an Australian yogi friend of mine and she has thought of everything to make your stay peaceful and comfortable. It’s just 1km from or 12 min walk into Ubud’s bustling town centre, cafes and shopping. For a small fare we can arrange a driver into town if you need.

It’s a luxurious 5 star, architecturally designed villa with a modern Bali feel and stunning views and sounds from the jungle ravine below. The rooms are incredibly spacious, beautifully decorated and each containing their own large ensuite, walk in robe, bar fridge and safe. Each of the rooms have a beautiful individual style. The rooms are serviced daily. Coffee, tea and fresh filtered water is always available.

The villa has been purposely designed for intimate yoga retreats. The yoga space upstairs is a serene and peaceful haven overlooking the glorious pool and ravine. It is one of the most stunning divine spaces I’ve practiced in and I can’t wait for you to experience practicing here for yourself.

The villa is fully staffed and you will fall in love with the 4 beautiful balinese staff who will become your friends. They are warm, friendly, offer impeccable service and will take incredible care of you on your stay.

I’ve Never Been Overseas On My Own

I understand you will be excited and may also be feeling nervous or anxious. It’s a big step out of your comfort zone embarking on a journey like this on your own. I have also done this for myself  and left my family at home. Facing a challenge like this will empower you, make you stronger and give you newfound growth and confidence. I found my family and kids stepped up when I wasn’t there to do things for them and they all grew as a result too. You will appreciate one another more when you get home.

On my intake form there are many questions for me to get insight into your needs, intentions and how you are feeling leading into this retreat. I will support you in the lead up to the retreat helping you feel more comfortable and at ease.

I have travelled extensively and stayed at this villa on numerous occasions. I will look after you and I know you will find a week in this peaceful paradise won’t be long enough.

What can I expect on our days?

Our mornings start with peace, introspection and practice. Followed by a mouthwatering home made brekkie from our staff. We will then have some day activities which will be a mix of self care, experiences, culture and some free time. Every day is unique!

You take out of this trip what you need for you and that will be different for everyone. The group activities are all optional, but I know what surprises I have in store and you will want to experience the exploration and traditional balinese culture they offer.

Along with the yoga, inner practices, healing and clearing, my intention for our retreat is also for self discovery, growth, confidence, fun, joy and adventure. I want you to unleash your inner wild woman and truly discover your authentic self. I want you to have a life changing experience and discover some magical places in Ubud, the spiritual heart of Bali, has to offer.

Connection to spirit and to your authentic self is found in the adventure, freedom, exploration, curiosity and joyful moments in life. We get to play in this energy away from routine and commitments. Here you will have the space to truly be yourself and do what you love and probably don’t make time for in your busy demanding life.

Will I Have Time for Myself

Yes! I know how important that is for the soul. I have plenty of free time allowed for you. You may wish to lay by the pool, read a book, rest, shop, sight see, explore, indulge in extra pampering. I can arrange for therapists to come to our on site villa spa (this is an additional cost to the 1 free on site massage included).

You may wish to take time on your own or head out with your beautiful new friends. Our staff will answer any questions you have and help organise any arrangements for transport or trips exploring.

We have plenty of free nights and some opt for an early night in and catch up on restoration on their own and some choose to head into Ubud together for some divine restaurant experiences. I know plenty of amazing cafes and restaurants to tantalise your taste buds. Ubud is know for its healthy clean mouth watering foods and is not expensive.

Like I say take out of this retreat what YOU NEED! This is your retreat! Best part is you don’t need to decide now. Just feel into exactly what you need when you’re there. Your soul will tell you.

Dedicated Facebook Group

Once you book your spot we will send you a link to the Retreat’s Private Facebook Group for that particular group of attendees. In that group we will share updates, flight details, what to bring and answer questions.

We will use this group to share our photo’s and experiences we capture of one another and stay connected while we’re in Bali.

Most importantly you can connect with the other girls and get to know one another before the retreat. I will also connect with you and we will start our journey together prior to the retreat itself.

Loving Transformative Journeys

Bali Facebook Image
Girls Tattoo
An Unforgettable Journey of Self-Discovery with Lisa
Participating in Lisa’s May 2024 Yoga Retreat in Bali was an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and growth.
From the moment I signed up, Lisa ensured that every detail was taken care of, providing us with the information and support needed for our transformative experience.
During the retreat, Lisa’s guidance was instrumental in helping me overcome my fears and obstacles, such as my fear of cold water and encountering a snake at Tirta Empul Temple. Her unwavering support and belief in me allowed me to delve deeper into my spiritual journey than I ever thought possible.
From rejuvenating yoga sessions to heart-to-heart chats, from journaling to forging new friendships, every moment of the retreat was filled with laughter, adventure, and soulful experiences. Through it all, I felt like I was shedding my old skin, emerging as a stronger and more empowered version of myself.
The Earthy Angels community created by Lisa is truly special, and the bonds formed during the retreat is something I will cherish forever. In fact, I was so deeply moved by the experience that I chose to permanently ink the Earthy Angels wings on my heart, symbolising the profound impact it has had on my life.
Thank you, Lisa, for guiding us on this incredible journey of self-discovery and transformation. Your passion, dedication, and nurturing spirit have touched our hearts and inspired us to embrace our true selves.
Annie x
An Unforgettable Journey of Self-Discovery with Lisa
This tattoo is one that will always hold a special place in my heart, these wings represent so much to me.
They are the logo of the amazing Earthy Angels where I am blessed to be a member of.
From the moment I met Lisa I knew I needed more of her in my life. The growth I have made under her guidance with all her knowledge and wisdom is phenomenal.
The first time she met me I was a ball of anxiety and could not stop shaking. I’ve become so much stronger both physically and mentally due to classes in the studio, attending women’s circles and going on retreats with her.
Being in Bali with a group of some of the most beautiful and empowering women I’ve overcome many things. My confidence has grown and I am learning to love myself again.
I am so grateful for this trip and have found my soul in Bali and can’t wait to come back again. Ubud has my heart, it is such a beautiful place full of so much love and compassion and the people who live here are beyond amazing.
Thank you Lisa for breaking down my walls and teaching me so much about personal growth and self love. Thank you for your patience and understanding and thank you for creating the most amazing studio where no one judges anyone and everyone comes from a place of love.
I will be eternally grateful for this experience.
Serena x
Bali Facebook Image
Yoga retreat student in Pool
An Unforgettable Journey of Self-Discovery with Lisa
Back in 2017, I first connected with Lisa during my 3rd pregnancy when she was running her group fitness sessions 

Fast forward to 2019 and I remember seeing Lisa’s own post pop up about how her own unique Bali retreat experience lit a fire in her soul for wanting to transform the fitness and spiritual space with her amazing new venue in Earthy Angels Pilates 
I remember reading Lisa’s experience as a woman turning 40 and wanting to connect with her soul on a deeper level and wanting to break through all that was holding her back and I remember thinking yes this is what I dream of, yet I constantly keep repeating the same self sabotage patterns 
I had been a member of EA on and off due to work commitments since 2020 and when Lisa announced that the Bali retreats were back for 2024, I immediately wanted to go but also had the fear of being out of my comfort zone holding me back 
I said to my partner about it and his immediate response that Sunday morning was “ have you paid the deposit” 
So in May 2023, I turned 40 and whilst it was an incredible year with so much growth and excitement for the future, it was also a year where I was crippled with my chronic over thinking which was leading me to feel so burnt out an exhausted 
As someone who has travelled to Bali many times, the excitement of being back in one my my most loved destinations and the opportunity to experience this beautiful health retreat still wasn’t enough for my mind to shut off 
I remember praying each night leading up to the retreat a little mantra Lisa uses which is something. Along the lines of “ I am safe, I am protected, I am loved , I am worthy of this journey “ and that was the first that came to my mind arriving at the retreat, because of my past mistakes, I didn’t feel worthy to be on this deeply profound path of spiritual growth 
But the safe space Lisa creates , allowed me to fully let go of this fear and immerse myself in the 7 days of meditation, yoga, cleansing and healing
I remember each card that was either randomly placed for me not knowing that I would be the person to receive this message or the cards that I would draw by asking myself what do I need to receive, I was overcome with emotion that all of these aligned with exactly what I was there for
To stop living in the past, to live in the now and that I am worthy to be on this incredible journey of healing my inner wounds 
The highlights of this trip for me personally was the Tirta Empul where I was able to experience the cleansing of my past mistakes with purification in the holy water, 2 years ago I would never have believed this ritual could be so god dam powerful
The sound healing at the pyramids among the new moon, was absolutely life changing on my mental health and would hands down tell anyone visiting UBUD this is a must do 
Not only have I come back from the retreat feeling lighter , but I come back empowered to make the changes to my lifestyle that I truly seeking and crave, but now believe I am worthy of 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Lisa, I am a greater woman, mother and partner for this experience
Ali xxx 
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I was so excited to be on this retreat. I'm a wife a mother of 4 and a business owner and I have been through a great deal to get where I am today. I've grown spiritually and I know too well how important it is to look after ourselves, therefore this retreat for me was about self care, reflection and resetting with gratitude. I am thankful and grateful that I had an amazing husband that pushed me into going


Your retreat literally transformed my life! After a marriage break up and losing myself as a Mum, I finally discovered who I was again and what I needed. I have more discovered what it was like to have fun again and step out of my comfort zone and put myself out there and try some new ventures. Thankyou for changing my life and helping me become happier again x


I did this retreat to get a break away on my own to strengthen me as a person, find myself again and what I really want. I discovered it just felt so good to nourish my body mind and soul. I came home calm and peaceful, rejuvenated and therefore a happier and more patient mum and wife. I feel so many women need to do this for themselves too.


I was lucky enough to share this incredible Bali trip a few years ago with Lisa and some beautiful other ladies. One of the best things I ever did for myself. I enjoyed every minute and experienced a lot over the week. I do believe that the experience changed me in a big way and lead me to where I am today. If you are able to get away treat yourself, you won’t regret it. The experience really well awaken your authentic self.


The Bali retreat for me was a turning point in dealing with the loss of a family member. The property is gorgeous, the staff are amazing, the yoga was sensational and I promise you you will come home full of love for yourself, and your loved ones. You will want to make this a yearly thing that YOU DO FOR YOU!!


Your retreat facilitator Lisa

I am the founder of Earthy Angels, driven to help women love their bodies, be authentic, and live fulfilling aligned lives. Through holistic practices like yoga, pilates, and meditation, along with inner soul work, I guide women on transformative journeys.

Retreats and luxury travel have instilled gratitude for life changing experiences in me and a desire to offer incredible experiences for you. Work with me and like minded women in an intimate container and you will transform, level up, find your power and learn to love and appreciate the beautiful soul that you are.

As a lightworker, I empower others to shine brightly. Witnessing transformations lights me up. Retreats are life-changing, and I’m excited to share this journey with you.

Lisa x

Bali Retreat Host Lisa Everding

"Every woman needs to experience a retreat for self discovery immersion at least once in her life"

Lisa Everding, Earthy Angels
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