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Are You Grounding?

Grounding is a simple practice, yet often overlooked because people feel they ‘don’t have time’ or disregard it’s power because it is honestly so simple. Maybe there’s just a lack of understanding or awareness and this could be new for you.

Grounding is a spiritual way to ‘check in’ with what’s happening in your physical life and making sure you’re giving enough time and energy to what truly matters to your heart and soul. 

It’s a chance to appreciate the beauty of the world all around and the love in your life.

It’s a reminder to ensure you’re doing the ‘spiritual work’ in your life in a way that feels good for you.

It’s also a way to release and reconnect, which is a regular practice that needs to form part of your long term rituals for your health and wellbeing. 

Signs you need to ground

Once you start to practice grounding, you discover the benefits and love how it leaves you feeling, that you just ‘know ’when you need it. But initially you may need some ideas or tips and let me share some insight with you.

We are guided to ground ourselves when there has been an increase of light or load to the head or body.

  • You know when you have that feeling that your mind is overloaded, busy with thoughts or concerns and you feel like your head is going to burst.
  • Your mind may be on fire with ideas and inspiration but you struggle to express them practically.
  • You feel as though you are disconnected from your body or the world around which is an indicator you need to ‘come back into your body’.
  • Your body may feel tense, stuck or blocked and the energy needs some help to flow.
  • You may feel as though you have taken on so much of other people’s stuff and it’s consuming you.
  • You feel so overcome with emotion, whether that be yours or others, and you feel you need to release it.
  • You feel you just need to simply disconnect from mass consciousness, technology, social media, work or people.

Recently after a womens circle there was quite a lot of emotion and a powerful energy in the room. I’m an empath and easily take this on and I feel a build up of energy in my feet. I got home late and felt like my feet were on fire and my chest was tight. I thought there is no way I’m going to bed carrying this and I felt an urge to get my feet in the grass. So here I am at 10:30pm sitting barefoot on my front lawn under the new moon with my clump on sage releasing this from my body. I then had a shower visualising the cleansing water washing away the heaviness and emotion. 

I instantly felt lighter, clear and went to bed feeling great and slept sound. I was up at 4:30 the next morning for pilates and I knew I didn’t want to carry that heavy energy into my new day for myself, my family or my community. It was worth taking the 15 mins to ground and release as opposed to having it affect my mood and energy into my week and into my life.

Ways you can ground

The first obvious thing that comes to mind when people think of grounding is to get their feet in the earth. This practice is powerful and encouraged, however there are many ways you can ground your energy. 

Spend time in nature

Grounding your feet barefoot in the earth, grass, sand, ocean, mud, rocks or puddles. A heaviness can feel like it’s drained from you and transmuted into mother earth and in turn you feel a charge of the earths electrons flow into your body. You feel calm, connected, alive, present and happier. Even getting out in nature as often as you can is grounding. Walk being present without earphones, stop and watch a sunrise or sunset, walk in the rain, sit outside sipping your tea listening to the morning birds, swim in a natural body of water, sit against a tree, have a picnic. 

Salt baths 

It’s important to cleanse your energy, to release the dross or rubbish from your energy field. Epsom or magnesium salt baths or a swim in the ocean releases that heaviness and connects you with cleansing water and mother nature.  Salt water is very grounding and the waves have a strong cleansing and replenishing energy


Eat from mother earth! Eat foods that nourish, revitalise, strengthen and give you natural energy. Real foods have their own energetic vibration. Therefore eating more plant base foods raises your vibration as you take in raw foods in their natural state. Get plenty of hydration and consume mostly water daily.

Journal or creativity

Ground your emotional energy by writing, journaling, creating art, poetry, music or dance to express your feelings or release mental and emotional build up. Your inspiration will flow out of your head and onto paper or into your body or through your hands.

Relaxation or meditation

Connecting with your breath, calming and soothing yourself opens you up to feel more connected, trusting, loving and in a peaceful state of being. This can be done through sound healing, guided meditation, restorative yoga, breath work or simply ‘being’ and even more enhanced when out in nature.

Mindful movement

Move in a way that feels freeing, strengthening and expressive. Relaxation and gentle exercise promotes healing and releases blockages and tension in the body. When you move, tune in and feel the sensations of the body. Move intuitively without worrying what you ‘look like’ and allow the movement to flow from instinct and with the rythym of breath. 

Yoga is an incredible modality to express yourself and connect with your body and soul. The simple asana of childs pose or downward facing dog allows you to connect your hands and feet into the ground and brings you into your body and the present moment. I like to visualise any built up tension or stored emotion flowing out of my hands and feet and into my mat and feel the freedom as it leaves my body and creates new space. I always feel lighter, calmer, connected and happier after practice which is why I practice so often and encourage you to.


There is no right or wrong way to ground. It’s whatever feels good and works for you. You’ll know when you’re grounded because you will feel more connected to your body, have awareness of your self and your emotions, feel more clarity and presence, feel a sense of wellbeing, energised and feel more in touch with the beauty all around. 

Grounding will enhance your overall connection to self, feel good about who you are, get you more in touch spiritually and help you live more in the now. Which is a powerful way to live and helps you bring your dreams to reality with this new found connection. These practices open a direct line to your intuition, your higher self, the divine and your inner knowing.

The key is to open yourself up to receive. To allow yourself to receive guidance from your intuition. To give yourself permission to listen to your heart. But most importantly when those whispers from your soul give you a gentle nudge or that voice pops in your head that says ‘woah I need to pause and ground’, that you LISTEN and take that ALIGNED INSPIRED ACTION!

Let this be your sign, of loving encouragement, that you may need to ground yourself and your energy right now.

Lisa Everding
Earthy Angels Yoga 057

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