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earthy angels

Discover Tranquility and Wellness at Earthy Angels


Earthy Angels is a stunning modern studio in Ormeau northern Gold Coast. Offering you yoga, pilates, barre, meditation classes, women’s circle and retreats.

You will instantly feel at peace as you step into our calm ambient space. Surrounded by many windows, natural light, sheer curtains and timber floors. Beautiful aroma, quality sound and a supportive community. Offering you the best quality props, mats and equipment.

You can energise, burn, tone and strengthen or slow down and connect with mindfulness, restoration and relaxation. We offer you a balance of both to suit your needs in the moment. Be prepared to float out in a bliss bubble after every class.

Discover a comfortable supportive studio, free from judgement, where you can truly feel yourself and connect with likeminded souls

Our Vision

Our vision is for holistic health and wellness building you from the inside out, soul mind and body. We created a safe welcoming community for you to move and strengthen your body and fall in love with taking exquisite care of you.

Working with women in the fitness industry for many years running a PT and group fitness business, I know that fulfilling long lasting results and happiness goes deeper than just your physical body. Deepening your inner rituals and awakening your spiritual connection has the power to transform your entire life.

My mission is to teach women to fall in love with the authentic beautiful woman that you are. To learn to love and appreciate your body, build mental and emotional strength and improve your confidence. To inspire you to live your best life!

Welcome to our EA community.

Lisa and the EA team x

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