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44 Lessons at 44: A Journey of Ageless Wisdom and Strength

I recently celebrated my 44th birthday.

I was walking Kirra and reflecting on the wisdom, strength and power I’ve gained turning 44 and thought I’d share with you.

1. Age is irrelevant!
2. I feel better now than I did in my 20s
3. My confidence improves every single year
4. Every year I care less what people think of me
5. I have more passion, purpose, drive and ambition than ever before, I’m not too old
6. Sex keeps getting better with age
7. I’m more aware and in tune with my body than ever before and I frigging love it!
8. What I’ve got isn’t as important as how I make people feel
9. I have no need anymore to be competitive
10. I’ve learnt I don’t need to flog myself to get results
11. I’ve learnt the power in doing what feels good to manifest and trust I can bring in whatever I want
12. I live in alignment with my values and nobody else’s
13. It’s empowering to be vulnerable
14. I can never read enough books
15. Getting out of my comfort zone regularly is my super power
16. I’m better than I give myself credit for
17. It’s ok to give myself credit
18. It’s ok to say I love myself
19. Did I mention I don’t give a fuck what people think of me 
20. Never go to bed or drive away angry with my partner or anyone really
21. Don’t sweat the small stuff
22. My house doesn’t have to be perfect
23. Actually perfection is an illusion
24. I don’t need to control everything
25. It’s ok to say no without feeling guilty
26. Ask ???s I should never be a know it all ever!
27. Being right is never important
28. I aim to always speak with love
29. I love living in my bliss bubble….sorry Tom 
30. Judgement towards myself or others will always hold me back
31. The vibration of nature is perfect…get outdoors more
32. It’s ok to take exquisite care of myself
33. My kids are on their own soul journey and came through me and aren’t mine to control
34. Fun is a priority
35. I don’t have to act my age
36. It’s my goal to not fit in with the norm
37. Pilates and yoga are the absolute best
38. Life is made up of memories and experiences not stuff
39. Start and end every day with gratitude
40. I’ll never stop learning and growing
41. Exercise forms part of my lifestyle forever
42. The world has so much adventure and beauty for me to explore 
43. Love on myself and my loved ones more each day
44. I’ll always be my authentic self and speak my truth

Remember we get better with age and wisdom.

But never stop taking care of yourself and nourishing your BODY MIND & SOUL if you want to feel better and better each year!
Lisa x

Lisa Everding
Earthy Angels Yoga 057

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